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See what our residents say about Abbeyfield

Here are some examples of comments that have been made by our Residents. These comments have been drawn from letters of thanks and also from  independent surveys....

“I am free to do what I want but I also have the security and support of the House Manager”
Mrs LC – age 95

“I love having the company of others when I want it”
Mrs JB – age 84

“You can be both sociable and as private as you want to be – the choice is always yours”
Mrs ES – age 92

“I am not on my own anymore and I have found a whole new family”
Mrs LS – age 94

“I have a lovely view of the estuary and I can just sit and watch the world go by. It’s wonderful”
Mr DC – age 89

“When I was on my own I never bothered with dinner. It was such a lonely time. Now sharing home-made meals with others makes me happy and I enjoy dinnertime again”
Mrs BB – age 91

“I have been here for 4 years now and it’s the best thing I’ve done. It was a big step moving out of my home but I have a new home now and I’m not lonely”
Mrs CH – age 88

“Everything is provided here and there are no bills to worry about. The food is lovely and it’s all home-cooking”
Mr AH – age 87

“When my dear husband died I was very lonely. Now I have people around me again and no reason to be lonely. I’m glad I came to Abbeyfield”
Mrs DS – age 94

“Recently I stayed at St George’s House for respite care and I am writing to congratulate Marie and her fantastic team.

Right from my first few moments, when they were very busy, I was welcomed in the most friendly way. During my whole stay all the staff were very attentive, but more than that, nothing was too much trouble. In fact I am a very fussy eater but they adapted the menu to suit me.

Please pass on my thanks to the team at St George’s for all their care and attention"

Mrs MM-W

“After I lost my husband I was very worried about how I would manage on my own. Moving to Abbeyfield has given me a chance to make new friends and I have found a second family. I can be on my own when I want to be but I am no longer alone. I feel safe here and I like that”
Mrs CC – Age 88