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Frequently asked questions

  1. What do I have to do to apply?
    Fill in an Application Form and a Medical Form and send these in to the address shown on the forms. We will acknowledge your application and keep you informed throughout the process
  2. Will I be able to visit the House I am interested in?
    Yes – just contact the Society’s office and an accompanied visit will be arranged for you at a time to suit your needs.
  3. Can I bring my own furniture and possessions with me?
    Yes – once accommodation has been offered on a permanent basis you will be able to bring your own items of furniture and other possessions with you – subject  of course to the overall size of the room
  4. What will it cost me?
    Fees differ slightly from House to House. Please contact us using one of the methods on our Contacts page
  5. What will my fees include?
    1. In St George’s House, your fees will include 24-hour personal care, accommodation, all meals, personal laundry service, cleaning of rooms, Council Tax, TV Licence, Contents insurance, transport to Doctors and other health care appointments, the provision of qualified Care staff 24-hours per day, plus the services of the Society’s Administration and Maintenance Teams
    2. In a Sheltered House your fees will include all meals and accommodation, laundry facilities, cleaning of rooms and communal areas, Council Tax, contents insurance, a Tunstall/Careline emergency service, the services of a House Manager and Support Manager and also the services of the Society’s Administration and Maintenance Teams.

      Fees are paid monthly in advance by standing order.
  6. What will my fees not include?
    In both Registered Care and Sheltered accommodation the following items are excluded:- The cost of a personal telephone line, a SKY installation, visiting hairdresser or chiropodist, newspapers, toiletries and other sundry personal items. In addition, insurance of valuable items is excluded. You would need to make your own insurance arrangements for items such as jewellery or digital hearing aids, but this can be done through the Society’s specialist Brokers.
  7. Will I be able to apply for financial help with my fees?
    Financial assistance is available in certain circumstances via the Council’s Adult Social Care team or Housing Benefit, depending on the type of House you have moved into. More information about this can be obtained by contacting Southend Borough Council direct on 01702 215000.
  8. Can I have visitors?
    Yes – and visitors can also be accommodated for a meal by prior arrangement
  9. Can I bring a pet?
    Unfortunately not. It is currently the Society’s Policy that pets are not allowed for reasons of Health & Safety and hygiene.
  10. Will I be allowed to smoke?
    Smoking is permitted in your own room but not in any of the communal areas of the House
  11. Will there be staff on-site all the time?
    1. In St George’s House there are Care staff on hand 24 hours per day.
    2. In a Sheltered House, the House Manager is on duty between 8am and 1.30pm and then between 3.30pm and 6pm. Outside of these times there is a Tunstall/Careline emergency call system which is backed up by the Society’s own on-call staff.
  12. What happens if I need assistance at night?
    1. In St George’s House you would press the buzzer next to your bed. This will alert one of the Care staff to the fact that you need help.
    2. In a Sheltered House, you would press the Careline buzzer. The operator will speak to you through a unit in your bedroom and decide what type of help you need. The operator will also alert the Society’s on-call officer who will come to the House.
  13. What if my needs change?
    In Registered Care your needs are kept under review by the use of a Care Plan and in Sheltered accommodation by the use of a Support Plan. You will have an input into these at all times. If you decide to move or if your care/support needs change to the extent that the Society can no longer offer you the best options, then the Society’s “Moving On” Policy would apply. Alternatives will be discussed with you and your family / sponsor / representative and The Society will assist in any way it can to facilitate the move.
    CLICK HERE to see moving-on policy
  14. What about registering with a Doctor?
    If you are moving from a location which is quite near to the House you have chosen to move into, it will usually be possible to stay registered with your existing Doctor. If you are moving from a distance away, then the House Manager will be able to provide you with details of local GP Surgeries.
  15. Who can I contact for advice?
    There are plenty of organisations which specialise in providing advice for older people eg, AgeUK, the Department of Work & Pensions, Citizens’ Advice Bureau, South East Essex Advocacy for Older People. A full list of these organisations is held in each House . For informal matters. The House Manager or one of the Society’s Volunteers can often help.
  16. What if I have a complaint about something?
    The Society has a formal complaints Policy & Procedure and full details of how to use this are in the Residents’ Guide (section 8). Complaints can also be made to the Housing Ombudsman or the Local Authority if necessary.
    CLICK HERE to see residents guide
  17. Does the Society provide for short stay or respite stays?
    Yes. Short stays / respite can be arranged for up to a maximum of 6 weeks but the availability of respite rooms may change according to the vacancy situation at the time.
    Fees for respite / short stays are paid weekly in advance.

Visits to any of the Society’s Houses can be undertaken by arrangement and full details of locations, visits, availability and costs can be obtained from the Society’s office on 01702 213350 or by completing the enquiry form on our Contact page